ICF Construction

Ultra-efficient, comfortable, and sustainable buildings

What is ICF Technology? 

Integrated Concrete Form (ICF) is an emerging construction technology that produces highly energy efficient and resilient buildings and is used throughout North America.  Remote Alaska Solutions (RAS) has embraced this construction method and has become the leading ICF construction company in Alaska.  RAS is a certified ICF installer utilizing the best in ICF materials from Nudura. 

Simply described, ICF blocks are similar to a lego block that is reinforced with horizontal and vertical reinforcing steel bars and poured full with 8 inches of solid concrete.  ICF is a building technique that utilizes cast-in-place reinforced concrete walls. This process is recognized nationwide for being energy efficient and extremely durable. Compared to traditional timber structures this process provides continuous insulation, fire protection and a superior sound barrier and provides walls that are more than 800 times stronger than a wood-framed home.

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Providing the Anchorage basin and Bush Alaska with quality ICF construction.

  • Energy Efficient

  • Durable & Sustainable

  • Quietly Comfortable

  • Lower Total Cost of Ownership

Benefits of ICF Construction

  • Up to an R-50 Insulation package

  • 70% Energy savings recognized

  • Nearly completely sound proof (STC rating of 50 and better)

  • 20-30% faster construction as compared to conventional framing

  • 50-60% faster construction as compared to CMU construction

  • A 200 year structure as compared to a 30 year wood structure

  • Wind proof, water and mold resistant, Tornado resistant, Hurricane resistant, earthquake resistant….the statistics don’t lie

Residential ICF Construction

Remote Alaska Solutions can custom design your ICF home with all the standard features of a traditional built home with no limitations.

For a home owner, Insulated Concrete Forms provide substantial energy savings resulting in lower long-term maintenance and cost of ownership. On average an ICF home will bring a higher resale value.

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Commercial ICF Construction

Innovation makes the difference and at Remote Alaska Solutions we’re proud to be leading Alaska in offering quality commercial ICF construction. Commercial ICF projects have become very popular for both builders and owners alike – resulting in superior energy performance and reduced labor costs. Commercial projects include apartments, condos, hotels, and retail space.

ICF blocks can be used to create a variety of sizes, rounded walls or 45 degree angled sections. With a dedicated ICF team Remote Alaska Solutions can meet the demands of the fast-paced commercial industry.

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Eagle River ICF Warehouse

ICF Detached 4-plex

Specializing in delivering solutions to tough logistical construction projects throughout Alaska.

Commercial & Residential

Remote Alaska Solutions provides quality ICF construction to both the residential & commercial market on and off the road system.

Design-Build Services

Remote Alaska Solutions offers a comprehensive design-build service removing the hassle of dealing with multiple companies.

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