Epoxy Coatings

Protection against the elements

Coatings That Last

Remote Alaska Solutions is certified for proper preparation and application of epoxy coatings. Contact us for your epoxy projects.

Epoxy Coatings

Alaska’s climate is challenging in regards to maintaining and protecting our water & wastewater infrastructure. Exposed to the harsh elements, over time these systems corrode and need constant repair and rehabilitation. To combat these challenges Remote Alaska Solutions is a certified applicator of Epoxytec’s advanced protective coating products.

Our ability to effectively apply Epoxytec’s advance protective solution gives us the advantage when needing to maintain or repair underground utilities.

Remote Alaska Solutions can repair, protect and maintain Alaska’s water infrastructure with ANSI NSF-61 approved epoxy coatings. Contact us at 907-406-4545 to consult your epoxy coating needs.

Specializing in delivering solutions to tough logistical construction projects throughout Alaska.

Commercial & Residential

Remote Alaska Solutions provides quality ICF construction to both the residential & commercial market on and off the road system.

Design-Build Services

Remote Alaska Solutions offers a comprehensive design-build service removing the hassle of dealing with multiple companies.

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