Civil Construction

Delivering a quality product while maximizing efficiencies

Civil Construction

No matter the constraints, Remote Alaska Solutions has the means and experience to make your construction project a success. Our civil construction specialties includes site clearing & excavation, remote road construction, environmental remediation and underground utilities including commercial sewer systems. All operations are supported with a reliable, experienced crew ready for quick deployment across the state.

Our ability to provide innovative logistical solutions has positioned us as one of the industry leaders.

Get your project started off right with Remote Alaska Solutions – we’re committed to your projects success, with competitive pricing, integrity, and workplace safety. ? Contact Remote Alaska Solutions for more information at 907-406-4545.

Quick Deployment Statewide

Remote Alaska Solutions has reliable equipment and experienced crews ready for quick deployment across the state.

Our Specialty

Site Clearing

Driveways & Pads

On Site Material Management

Underground Utilities

Slabs & Foundations

Remote Road Construction

Alaska Civil Construction

Our unique approach to the Alaskan civil construction market includes maximizing on site materials and minimizing the imports / exports required on each job site, therefor maximizing potential efficiencies.

Specializing in delivering solutions to tough logistical construction projects throughout Alaska.

Commercial & Residential

Remote Alaska Solutions provides quality ICF construction to both the residential & commercial market on and off the road system.

Design-Build Services

Remote Alaska Solutions offers a comprehensive design-build service removing the hassle of dealing with multiple companies.

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